Digital Meloenga DBC – What is NFC Cards of Future

The world is changing, constantly offering us more innovative technologies and new ways to interact with the environment and other people. Meloenga knows how valuable your resources are, how important it is for you to always stay in the trend and flow of modern life. That is why we have prepared a worthy replacement for ordinary business cards that will provide the newest, more convenient approach to exchanging contact information. Why waste time for depth-knowledge about what is NFC cards’ solution when you can buy NFC business cards and test them now to grow your customer base!

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Single Solution for Data Sharing – Buy NFC Business Cards


Until a few decades ago, we had to design and create paper cards for exchanging contacts, worrying about their storage and transfer, etc. These activities made life very difficult, especially when sorting and searching for the information you needed. The dawn of the digital age solved these problems quickly. Now you can store only one NFC enabled business card from Meloenga in your cardholder or several multipurpose cards that offer many benefits to business people:


  • fantastic data transfer speed even if you share an extended contact profile;
  • perfect accuracy – NFC enabled card excludes the possibility of transmitting incorrect information;
  • first-class quality of business cards plastic, making them resistant to mechanical damage and wear;
  • the ability to collect ALL the necessary information in one place;
  • excellent customization options for the NFC enabled business card and your online profile.


How Do NFC Business Cards Work?


Meloenga uses NFC business cards plastic of the highest quality, where we embed a contactless chip with a link to the owner’s profile. Next, you can slide the card closer to a device that automatically reads data that your customers can examine and save. Unfortunately, not all smartphones have a contactless NFC module, so many users are afraid to buy NFC business cards. For this case, we propose our clients to print a QR code on the back of the card, which provides an alternative way to read the data.


We also offer detailed instructions on what is NFC cards‘ working principle and how to customize the purchased card. You can find manuals on the packaging or in the How It Works page.


Each Meloenga NFC enabled card is linked with a personal user profile, which you can customize according to individual preferences. We have tried to cover as many practical data fields and formats as possible, allowing you to share various information, ranging from standard contact information to WiFi passwords and menu PDFs. All options are adaptive and easily customizable from any device convenient for you – smartphone, computer, or tablet.