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Our Contactless Cards Technology for Your Business Purposes

Meloenga is a digital business card solution based on the newest contactless cards technology that makes information exchange simple and straightforward. We provide customers with tools, assisting them in developing a digital profile that contains contact data and social information, as well as marketing materials, documents, and videos.

The Meloenga contactless cards NFC are a business and social sharing gadget that allows you to exchange professional, personal, and social information while on the go. Our solutions use innovative wireless technologies, and they need only an NFC reader, which most modern smartphones have. It doesn’t require any additional apps & sophisticated hardware. Create a profile page with Meloenga block editor and personalize it with your contact and social data, updates and rich links, RSS feeds, and much more to drive people to your many web channels.

Meloenga also works with a wide range of NFC-enabled devices. We have an option for any application, whether you want to share your digital business card information, social landing page, WiFi Password, link to your restaurant’s menu, schedule an appointment, contact a number, or send an SMS. Our contactless cards are highly safe and provide many application ways that make them ideal for everyone who wants to get valuable data quickly and conveniently.

We also provide a variety of versatile NFC stickers that use Type 2 and Type 4 NFC tags. For further information, please get in touch with

What is NFC?

What are Contactless Cards NFC?

NFC or Near Field Communication is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables users to exchange data content with a simple tap using their smartphone devices. Move the device closer to the contactless cards NFC, wait a few seconds and get all necessary information. It is cost-effective, fast, and does not require app installation.

Meloenga Contactless Cards – How Do They Work

Once you receive your purchased Meloenga Digital Business Card, activate it using the information on the packaging. Then proceed with he following steps:


Create your own Meloenga online profile.

About Meloenga
About Meloenga

Fill it with your data (contact information, website links, photos, etc).


Test it with your smartphone.

About Meloenga
About Meloenga

Click on the pop-up notification to review & save the profile info.

Why Meloenga?

A digital business card is a file with information about you and the company that you can share online. That’s why it has to be safe, reliable, and ergonomic so that you use contactless cards technology at any moment without any hassle.

Meloenga takes care of our customers’ convenience. We’ve created high-quality contactless cards NFC, which you can use anywhere to share all needed data in one tap. Plus, we’ve prepared for you some helpful tips and tricks on how to use contactless cards.

Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates:

Update your information in real-time as often as you want.
No more reprinting business cards every time you need to update your information.

Contactless and Hygienic

Contactless and Hygienic:

Information is shared contactlessly by tapping the Meloenga Digital Business Card to Smart phone devices.

Cost Saving and Environmentally Friendly

Cost Saving and Environmentally Friendly:

Paperless solution, saving you thousands of dollars on printed business cards, profiles and brochures.

Always on You:

Always on You:

No more forgetting business cards.

Retargeting Marketing

Retargeting Marketing:

Retarget people you shared contacts with using 9 different social media pixels.

User Friendly

User Friendly:

Register, create your profile and start using it in minutes. Online support is always available for assistance.

Meloenga Products


Meloenga Seamless:

Waterproof Sticker
(contact our sales team for more information on this product)
(2.8 cm x 2.8 cm)

Meloenga Seamless
Meloenga Dot Sticker

Meloenga Dot Sticker:

Sticker with Epoxy
(contact our sales team for more information on this product)
(2.8 cm x 2.8 cm)


Meloenga Business Card:

PVC Card currently available in Black and White.
(8.5 cm x 5.4 cm)

Meloenga Business Card
Customized Meloenga Devices

Meloenga Devices:

Personalize you card with your name and logo or completely customize the white card with your company branding. Get your Meloenga Digital Business Card with your company logo free of charge with minimum 12 devices order.

Best Meloenga Contactless Cards Technology For Business:

Enhanced online application capabilities and customization features make Meloenga contactless cards NFC the best solution for designing your business card. Competent data structuring, ease of sharing & storage will help you connect with as many partners and customers as possible. Try to develop the best design that fully suits your needs and preferences!


Digital Business Cards:

No more printing and carrying business cards. Share your contact information in just one tap and save to mobile contacts instantly.

Digital Business Cards

Share Company’s online profile & Social Media

Share Company’s online profile & Social Media in one tap ( Website , LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc…)

Share Company’s online profile & Social Media

Get instant
RSS feeds updates

Get instant RSS feeds updates

Share documents:

save printing cost and time

Share documents

Quick communication connections:

Tag and directly call a specific number, send SMS or WhatsApp msg to a dedicated number, send email, schedule an appointment , etc…. )

Quick communication connections